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Foundation Play encourages children to play because of the many benefits that playing brings. Playing helps children to become more dynamic and active and this helps in their growth and development regardless of age. Children need to explore the world around them and playing allows a child to develop their skills for solving problems. Encouraging children to solve age appropriate issues is essential for their development.

Another huge benefit of playing is the development of imagination. Children interpret the world through their imagination and this gives them a great sense of control. Allowing young children to play with toys such a plastic telephones and general objects such as blocks allows active use of their imagination which in turn develops a child’s social and creative skills. As they get older they continue to develop these skills by playing games such as rope jumping, hopscotch, board and computer games.

By playing with other children they learn how to share, how to negotiate, how to get along with other children and how to be assertive when necessary. Playing also develops a child’s ability to compete and win! This is usually done through group games and team sports.

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